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Highway Bag


Highway liquid bag is also called the vehicle-mounted liquid bag, an extension of the vehicle-mounted liquid bag is the liquid container bag products, is a new type suitable for long distance transportation of liquid transportation mode, can cooperate with all kinds of motor vehicles, agricultural vehicles, pickup trucks, light trucks, heavy trucks) for short and long distance transportation of liquid, the liquid transportation more economic, flexible and efficient. Reed vehicle-mounted liquid bag of research and development to reduce the liquid logistics transportation cost, promote the sustainable development of the industry. 
Product advantage: 
Packaging procurement cost is low 
With traditional liquid packaging container set compared to the barrel, edible, vehicle-mounted liquid bag can save 50-80% for the customer the packaging purchasing cost. 
Reduce customer's logistics costs 
Use vehicle-mounted liquid bag, can form a complete set of all kinds of transport vehicles, reduce vehicle logistics costs. 
Safety and health 
Fluid of the lining of the bag is made of food grade low density polyethylene, can direct contact with food grade liquid product; Liquid bag for disposable packaging, without cleaning, more conform to the requirements for food packaging. 
Operation with high efficiency 
Loading and unloading of the operation is simple, convenient, saving human. 
Liquid bag can satisfy all kinds of vehicle transport requirements. 
Green environmental protection 
Liquid bag is made of biodegradable material, recycling, environmental protection, no pollution

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