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IBC Container


The IBC liner bags composed of two layers of food grade polyethylene heat sealing, and according to the products provided with the discharge, jacket unloaded and various specifications. The fine art of bounding technology and strict quality control to ensure the good thermal fluid bag and valve and food grade requirements. Product model can according to customer's requirements with 200 to 1200 litres. 
Container liner bag, IBC ton bag bag is a new type of fluid of container can be storage and transport all kinds of dangerous liquid chemicals containers of the goods. Each container liquid bag can just be placed in 20 ft container, most specifications to 24000 liters of liquid storage, the most ideal applications of the container transport way. With post-processing can be recycled, soil buried or fire burn, fully conform to the requirements of the international environmental protection process, economy is simple. Liquid container bag accessories four layers structure describes types volume PE comply with FDA, EC standard pure ldpe top unloading is top bottom bottom top bottom discharge 10 to 24 cubic five square steel/frame type square steel; 1.6 * 28 m corrugated; 1.5 * 2.33 paper baffle a layer of PP grams weighs 210 single wear-resisting coating membrane woven cloth together Flexitank advantages can be summarized as follows: simple, reliable and economic 
* low cost configuration, transformation of any one 20 ft container become tools of liquid transportation 
* traffic bucketing over 40% more, and reduce the cost of more than 40% 
* the freight is using ordinary 20 feet container freight, well below tank box high shipping costs 
* no crossing the charges or any cleaning cost, eliminate the risk of contaminated goods 
* a lot to cut packaging, into the bucket, storage, handling and material management of labor and time cost * reduce container berth fee, decrease the cost of empty container storage 
* to ensure that the goods from the manufacturer of the forwarding, fast and convenient loading process, realize the door to door service 
* environmental protection, no demurrage, without recycling 

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