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container liner bags (container dry bag, dry powder bag, container bladder) : adopts containerization transportation, shipment can large-tonnage solid bulk granular/powdery materials. 
Container liner bags mainly has the following characteristics: 
1. Size: 20 feet, 40 feet or according to customer requirements 
2. Material: PE film, PP woven cloth, PE woven cloth 
3. Style: pull chain, open type, loading and unloading cargo port type, etc 
Container liner bag, also known as dry container bags, container powder bag, container tank. Is often put in 20 feet or 40 feet container, can shipment large-tonnage granular and powdered materials. Because be containerized transport, with large unit capacity, easy handling, reduce the labor, the goods no secondary pollution, etc, but also greatly save the transport transport cost and time. The structure of container liner bag is according to the customer on the goods and the use of handling equipment. In general can be divided into: bottom bottom and top bottom discharge. According to the customer's way of handling, can be equipped with cargo (sleeve), zipper design, etc. Also according to the product demand design airbags, would device, such as more convenient unloading. 
The advantage of the container liner bags: 
1, low cost, increase the loading capacity, reduce work time and manpower cost, reduce the packaging cost, reduce the disposal expenses of the packaging bags. 
2, less pollution, completely sealed, shipped directly from the factory to the customer's warehouse, can effectively avoid the pollution. 
3, wide applicable scope: widely used in powder and granular products, be used for sea and train transportation. 
Products suitable for container liner bags: 
1. The danger to the free flow of soybean products, coffee beans, barley, wheat, maize, cocoa powder, fish meal, peanut, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, sugar, tea, livestock feed, etc 
2. Bulk polyethylene granules, granular or powder polypropylene granules, PVC, nylon polymer particles, ABS resin, soda ash, zinc powder, aluminum powder, fertilizer, porcelain clay, titanium dioxide powder, white carbon black, titanium dioxide, wood fiber powder, cellulose acetate, silica, etc 
Container liner bag installation process: 
1, the container liner bag placed in a clean container and its spread; 
2, square steel to be included in the sleeves, and placed on the floor; 
3, the elastic ring on the inner bag and firmly fastened a hoop in the container. 
4, with a rope is located in the place of the door is on the bottom of the bag and the hoop fixed on the floor, to prevent the mobile loading lining bag; 
Five, four square steel through hanging ring and suspension with fixed slot on the door; 
6, the left door lock tight, with the air compressor air preparation for loading.

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